Meet Ray Parrott

Ray has a life time of experience with cars, starting with building models in junior high, to owning an old car that he used to tear up all the weeds and the back half acre after school. Learning to keep things running has been his passion for a very log time. 

​Ray started his senior year of high school with four auto shop classes per day, three as a teacher's aid. After graduating, Ray was invited to attend AAI here in Arizona, but chose instead to serve in the Air Force. He eventually received a honorable discharge, and moved back to California, got married, and started his family.

Ray began working at GM dealerships starting in 1979 when he moved back to AZ. First working for Edward Oldsmobile in Phoenix, then Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe, and then working at independent shops including Goodyear for three years. He then worked at Cobra Tire in east Mesa until 1995 when Parrott Discount Auto Repair was started.

So many of the independent shops Ray worked for wanted the tech's to sell work that wasn't needed. Now with his own business, Ray can honestly advise customers on just what their vehicle needs. Ray is ASE certified and has spent time on the EVIT advisory board in the automotive department. As the technology has changed so have we, and Ray has recently been accepted to JUSTANSWER.COM as an automotive expert to help others with their car questions.

Ray has now been married to his beautiful wife for 38 years, and she has been a stay at home mom to four wonderful children. They have nine grand children, and one on the way. Family is the most important thing to Ray and what keeps him going. Ray likes to hike, play racquet ball, and ride his bicycle. In 2008 he rode more than 1000 miles, and also hiked the Grand Canyon to Phantom ranch with the Boy Scouts down and back up in one day, about twenty miles. Ray is also an NRA certified shot gun instructor. He is active in his church and enjoys helping others learn more.

"We Pride Ourselves in Honesty"